Scheduled broadcast WOBC Micro-Season!

MidnightThe Witching Hour Literally Just Vibing Late Night Lovers Grove Lost Highway The In-Sound From Way Out! Rave Twink on Repeat Crypt Picks
1amDeath Growl Lullabies "Lucky Strike News" Under 500 Bobby Hour Who's Label? Dance Crash DJ Sebbo's Cosmic Music Hour
8amClose the Blinds Fragments of Time On the Fringe Nice Landlords The Ringing in your Left Ear That Reminds Me Musikos: Time of Our Lives
9amFree Entry Shoegasians Lady-O Lo más xulo de Oberlin Scenes from Rock & Roll Callaita Rock's Not Dead
10amThe Hardest Button to Button Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Bliss
11amMommy Hour Freedom Sounds: Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady PP Break The Basket House Folk Hour Ancient Voices of Children The Closing
Noonlatent content Veggie Tales BYOBenadryl All Yesterday's Parties Hard Day On The Planet White Noise Live At The Bop Stop ⊳
1pmThe State I'm In One "Direction" Mrs. Misses Norge i Amerika That Sound Tracks Chameleon Radio
2pmAstro Happy Hour Soundtrack of the Revolution Getting Classy Sonic Advocates Common Cowboy Qu(Kat)e Se(a)ra(h) Se(a)ra(h)
3pmHair Today, Gone Tomorrow Rad Dad Rock Glad4Trad Word Search Intimacy Radio Strange Martini
4pmDJ Salty Sardine's Fresh Tunes Prof. Joe & the NOTpopshow! pair of kings Pattern Returns Journey Beyond the Khatru RSVP: Really Specific Vibes Playlist
5pmThy Gentle Heart Radical Departures A Stalked Foldover ElectroCountry Snapshots in Time
6pmJuice Box Hero Radical Departures B All Things Irish Townies On Acid Everything's a Tune Name When You're Day Drunk 12 Inch single
7pmDe Fact(o) Abstract(o) USA & World Monetary Policy & Politics Freedom Variations Love Lost But Not Forgotten
8pmFreedom From Strife Part 1 Lucky Number 5 Russian Field of Experiments Staff Picks Melanin music R&B Redux
9pmFreedom From Strife Part 2 Soft Power Radio a cry for help Through the Trees Estrogen EDM IN THE FRIDAY PM
10pmWhiplash Welsh Folk Music and Beyond this is really hard To Nowe Śniadanie Kandi Land The Brown and Beautiful Show with Chris Valles
11pmBingo Radio Psychosexual Melodrama Beats rhymes and life on the road The Rusted Hammer kate-edge! Heaviest Matter of the Universe 11:11