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Get Involved

Get Involved Operating a radio station involves more than playing music and talking on the air. While the majority of the 175+ station members are DJs, many also perform other vital functions from fixing broken electronics to organizing WOBC’s massive music collection.


It takes a lot of dedicated people with many talents to keep WOBC running smoothly. WOBC is always looking for people with a talent for design, publicity, journalism, electronics, computers, and fund raising. It also takes a team of music librarians to keep our music collection organized and accessible to DJs. Contact the General Manager, wobc@oberlin.edu, for more information about joining our staff!


If you have a passion for radio journalism, consider joining WOBC News. Our news department produces local news segments that run at the top of every hour on WOBC. We are always looking for reporters and producers. Training is provided in audio production and radio journalism. Practicum in Journalism credit is available for Oberlin College Students. Contact news@wobc.org.


Workgroups are the way we get things done at WOBC. They are weekly meetings led by a staff member where we process and organize music that WOBC receives according to quality and genre. Every genre has its own workgroup, led by the genre director. To join a workgroup, send an email to the Music Director, music@wobc.org, with a list of genres whose workgroups you would be interested in joining. The Music Director will tell you when those workgroups meet and put you in contact with the genre director. We also have workgroups focusing on maintaining our vast music library and recording music.